Rock Paper Scissors


Paper-clay, paper-crete, paper-mache-clay, PVA, timber, plywood

H:244cm x w:55cm x d:45cm

Presentation of work for ‘A Sculpture of Site, An Object of Play’ concluding a six week studio residency at Standpoint Gallery, London, supported by the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award residency programme.

I gathered waste materials from the studios: paper offcuts, shreds, print tests, newsprint, cardboard, old dry clay, residue from the ‘slop’ bucket, broken ceramic kiln shelves, food packaging, discarded sketches and post-it notes. Water bonds them together in a state of flux between liquid and solid. This detritus formed layers of synthetic sediments as an imprint of the space to become stone-like surfaces, marble, granite, sandstone and concrete. These temporal monuments perform, erode and regurgitate into new sculptures as they depart from the space.