Burrow – Sugar Mountain


Concrete, timber, plywood, resin, plastic, cardboard, foam, amazon packing paper, ikea bag, corrugated roofing, moving blankets, carpet, lino, LEDs. 

Main section: 75 x 240 x 524cm (dimensions variable) , small section against wall (second image) 75 x 85 x195cm

Installed at ‘Sugar Mountain’ exhibition curated by Thorp-Stavri at the Silver Building, London September 2019. 

‘ The works borrow from the urban semiotics seen in the redeveloping city and utilise the visual language in architecture to create something unique with flashes of ubiquity. The shapes and components that make up the sculptures can be recognised in the detritus of a transforming city and are pieced together to create monolithic representations of change and transformation’ Eric Thorp, Thorp-Stavri curation.