Interviewed by David Rushton, director of MERZ Gallery in Sanquhar, during summer residency in 2019


Show 2019 School of Arts & Humanities: Expanding Traditions, Disciplines and Media

There are attempts to disentangle sculpture from the confines of its modernist legacy while, also understanding how that legacy can function as a critical tool of enquiry. Influenced by Kurt Schwitters, and a residency at the merzbahn, for Catriona Robertson, a possible answer comes with the notion of the deconstructed ruin

Review by Jesse Bond. 28 June 2019

Imagination and Brave Acts: Arts & Humanities Work-in-progress 2018

There’s an obsessive collection of lost culture and a bathos to the imagination of what might survive us. Catriona Robertson distorts object and form, recasting columns into twisted, weathered shapes that loom precariously as if relics of a natural disaster.

Review by Octavia Reeve. 19 January 2018

Praksis Oslo – Monumental Temporal residency

 Her sculptures create an opposition of material and surface – forming tension and fragility, whilst questioning the permanence of the material against traditional sculptural practices

By Praksis Oslo September 2018


‘Moonlight is Sculpture’ published by Royal College of Art June 2019

‘Marketing Suite’ Published by Assembly Point, London. Curated by Jaspar Joseph-Lester July 2019


Catriona Robertson Mobile Sculpture on Parade

Sculpture Walk

Horse Sculpture made out of scrap wood, for the Riding of the Marches event in Sanquhar, and donated to the Happy Hooves Riding School, in summer 2019 during solo artist residency at MERZ gallery.