‘Fisillity: Holding it all together’ reflects on how inorganic materials alter the physical properties of our future geology, through the addition of chemical contaminants, landfilling and disturbance through excavation, sealing and landscaping, concrete, heavy metals, plastics , toxic chemicals and synthetic fertilisers cause erosion and the collapse of natural ecosystems that are fundamental to our survival .

‘Fisillity: Holding it all together’, 2021
Galvanised steel, paper-concrete, paper -clay (newspaper, cardboard, coloured sugar paper), timber, PVA, acrylic pigment , resin, plaster, jesmonite
Variable Dimensions of time and space

The Factory Project, Curated by Thorp-Stavri

“It happens sometimes, people just explode.” – The Factory Project: 09.10.2021
Mike Ballard, Josephine Chime, Liam Fallon, Rosie Gibbens, Ellie Hayward, Natalia Janula, Olivia Mundy, Gabriela Pelczarska, Catriona Robertson, Luke Silva and Christopher Stead

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