Conduit – Pigeon Park

Pigeon Park

‘You have to accept the fact that sometimes you are the pigeon, and sometimes you are the statue.’

Curated by Christopher Stead, Joe Dennis and Stephen Burke

Pigeon Park ran from 24th September – 2nd October. Artists in the exhibition included:

Jonny Banger – @sportsbanger
Alvaro Barrington – @alvarobarrington
Stephen Burke – @stefano.bardsley
Richie Culver – @richieculver
Jeremy Deller – @jeremydeller
Jo Dennis – @joeddennis
Sarah Dwyer – @sarahdwyer1
Rosie Gibbens – @rosiegibbens
Sophie Goodchild – @sophiegoodchild
Abigail Hampsey – @abihampsey
Mark Leckey – @mark.leckey
Littlewhitehead – @littlewhitehead
Rosie McGinn – @rosiemcginnart
Catriona Robertson – @catrionart
Christopher Stead – @christopher_stead_
Georg Wilson – @georg.kitty