Rude, Enormous Monoliths

Lost in a Just-In-Time Supply Chain
28 April – 01 May 2022 

‘Lost in a Just-In-Time Supply Chain’ is an exhibition of sculptors all living and/or working in the Borough of Lewisham and neighbouring Greenwich and Southwark. Responding to the idea of the ‘site’, each artist in their own way draws inspiration from the city’s physical and conceptual landscape, utilising DIY and construction supplies, waste and salvaged material. 

True to its name, our just-in-time schedule will operate for just FOUR DAYS ONLY before our artists, artworks and materials are dispersed, this project with Hypha Studios ends and a vacant Peacocks shop becomes Pure Gym.


Conor Ackhurst – @conor_ackhurst
Rob Branigan – @robbranigan
Patrick Cole – @patrickharveycole
Jack Evans – @jackevans
Gabriela Pelczarska @gabrielapelczarska
Anna Reading – @annareading
Catriona Robertson – @catrionart
Alexandra Searle – @alexandrasearle_
Alex Williamson – @alex.willi
Josh C. Wright – @joshcwright

Curated by Josh C Wright

Supported by Hypha Studios


‘The guts of the building seem to be splaying out through a ceiling tile’ Review by Will Jennings: Recessed Space