Burrow Sprout Grow

‘Burrow Sprout Grow’

Second Prize Winner UK New Artist of the Year Award

Inspired by architecture and the monumental; ruins of buildings, void spaces interwoven with the fast changing rising concrete landscape and urban geology. Working site-responsively I use collected detritus materials making and unmaking the work in the same space, in a performative interaction between the object audience and site. These monolithic assemblages take over a space involuntarily, often trying to hide or squeeze themselves into the voids to get out of the room or the window that they are growing too big for. The amalgamated cast surfaces reveal layers of repurposed construction site and domestic waste, that become the aggregate of a stone-like surface as a sculptural collage in an architectural assemblage of a column. These are set with concrete, plaster, clay and paper-pulp forming an imprint of a synthetic fossilised sediment. The resulting surface retains an unfinished quality, a temporality and fragility as an imagined synthetic marble or stone surface.

Saatchi Gallery, London 4-7th November 2021

Second Prize for the UK New Artist of the Year Award Robert Walters Group in partnership with the Saatchi Gallery

Selected for the Residency 2021-22 at the Muse Gallery, London, May 2021