Catriona Robertson is an artist currently living and working in London, making work in a range of materials including sculpture, painting and printmaking.

My visual interests in architecture and urban environments draw me to using an aspect, a moment in time from a space or place as a starting point which leads to experimenting in the studio or the formation point for site specific installations. I extract and manipulate elements of my surroundings, uncovering new narratives and perspectives. Searching for the ‘infrathin’ – the in-between moment that may be overlooked at first glance, as my work continues to maintain traces of performativity within its objects and looking at how its changeable state might affect the audience.


The making and un-making process is an integral part of my sculpture, re-constructing the properties of the material and questioning its function and relationship to space. Working with constructive materials and some found objects I create sculptural assemblages that have an architectural resemblance with a raw sense of formation. The scale of my work varies but often relates to human proportions and placement but I continue to research and face the challenges of weight, materials and scale.