Artist Statement:

My sculpture and installation work explores architecture and the monumental; ruins of buildings, void spaces interwoven with the fast changing rising concrete landscape. I am conscious of the afterlife of a material itself, considering waste, it’s reclamation, recycling and degradation. Using a combination of construction and discarded recycled materials I create situations in which my sculptures are either suggestive of a form of destruction, or are gradually being destroyed in the process of making. Fragments of previous sculptures become the aggregate for the next in a constant regurgitative flux, forming layers of synthetic sediments in a material journey. Working site-responsively I use subsequent detritus materials, making and un-making the work in the same space, in a performative interaction between the object, audience and site.

These objects I make relate to my own body and my extended reach, through modular construction, playing with scale and weight. As the structures grow, sometimes in and out of my control, a performative navigation emerges as they take on a life of their own. They squeeze into awkward spaces and climb higher beyond my reach, in an attempt to escape from the space that they were made.


Catriona Robertson is a British artist born in Frimley, Surrey with Scottish roots. She currently lives and works in London, and graduated from the Royal College of Art, MA Sculpture in 2019. Catriona was recently selected for the Standpoint Gallery studio residency programme, supported by the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award. She was awarded a funded place as artist in residence at MERZ in Sanquhar, supported by Creative Scotland with a solo exhibition ‘This Way, That Way’ at the MERZ gallery in September 2019. She has also been selected as international artist residence with PRAKSIS in 2018 (Oslo, Norway) and received the Emerging Artist Award, British Council (2019) at the Liebermann Villa (Berlin, Germany). Recent exhibitions in London include ‘A Sculpture of Site, An Object of Play’ at Standpoint Gallery in February 2020, ‘Sugar Mountain’ at the Silver Building curated by Thorp Stavri in October 2019 and ‘Marketing Suite’ at Assembly Point in July 2019.

Catriona is a technician in Mouldmaking and Casting at Central Saint Martins, Tutor in Short Courses in Concrete casting, and Resin/Silicone courses.

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