Sculpture is a journey, its life before during and after, an ongoing process not fixed to one form. This process is largely visible in the making and the surface, exposed and performed by sculptural elements in constant flux of destruction and re-construction. 

By occupying space, the environment and consequently the viewers’ responses are altered by the sculptures as they navigate a fragment of this journey through time and space.

Im interested in architecture and the monumental, the ruins of buildings left behind and the fast changing urban landscape. I am conscious of the afterlife of the material itself at all stages of the process and life span of the sculpture. Using a combination of recycled materials I create situations where my sculptures are either suggestive of a form of destruction or are gradually being destroyed in the process of making. Fragments of previous sculptures become the aggregate for the next, the structural integrity ruined before it is made.

These architectural monsters are often on the edge of falling over or falling apart, arguing with the space, they have been squeezed into. The possibility of movement through these spaces intrigues me – sometimes in my control but more than often: not, as the sculpture takes on a life of its own.



Currently artist in residence at Standpoint Gallery, London January – February 2020